The World's Most Reliable Suite of Cybersecurity Products for EnterprisesEuropean-manufactured Cybersecurity Suite products with iron-clad firewall security, military-grade PKI encryption safety, multi-link VPN reliability and full network traffic recording at OSI 7 layer (including SSL-proxy) for security analytics, governance and regulatory compliance. We protect your business with a combination of expert knowledge, solid experience and commitment to our enterprise cybersecurity solutions. We have been dedicated to network security since 2000 and have been given the trust of some of the leading organizations in a variety of industries and government.
Solutions Our solutions are based on the FreeBSD operating platform and solid software code.
Products Ugunssiena proprietary network security solution consists of various products users can combine into rock solid protection they need.
Services We offer full product support from implementation to end-of-life. Also we offer network security consulting and planning.


  • European made cybersecurity suite with iron-clad network protection.  Extremely secure firewall/VPN technology with deep packet inspection.
  • Strong military-grade encryption choice.  VPN and SSL encryption without limits on encryption key lengths for a customer, with optional hardware encryption accelerator cards to speed up safe networking.
  • Full-stack one vendor solution.  Cohesively designed, performance optimized and maintained by the vendor software architecture for router/firewall/VPN core platform software with selected product-specific hardware.
  • Non-open source code to eliminate hacking or DDOS attempts vectors.  Originally developed high-performance firewall/VPN/encryption software written in C/C++, distributed in binary format.
  • Rock-solid reliability.  Appliances can work for months and years without rebooting.  Hardened FreeBSD OS kernel, modified, optimized for perimeter cybersecurity tasks needs.  Production proved: nearly 700 appliances sold to customers.
  • Centralized management of a distributed corporate firewall/VPN network.  Secured by SSL or SSH management of all distributed firewall/VPN appliances in a network.
  • Easy to use and manage.  One click-configuration changes over securely encrypted channels.  NAT and VPNs among local networks as part of centralized firewall policy.
  • Fault-tolerant against misconfiguration.  Centralized firewall and VPN configuration management that prevents remote access loss to firewall/VPN devices due to misconfiguration.  This feature is ideal for local by geography cybersecurity services partners to want cut their operational costs through whitelabeling of Ugunssiena firewall/VPN software solution.
  • Automatic Internet link redundancy and re-routing between two ISPs.  Includes VRRP for encrypted VPN connections, when using two independent ISP Internet links per one local appliance.  Professional mission-critical feature at a fraction of cost of legacy router/firewall manufacturers.

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