Centralized Management

No matter what is the size of your network, all remote sites are managed from a single, user-friendly management console. Centralized WEB/SSL management offers unmatched leverage and control of security policies and minimizes user impact, for a reduced overall cost of operations.

Our network security management enables you to manage your distributed network of packet filtering firewalls from one central location. View all your firewall traffic, manage all aspects of device configuration, push global policies, and generate reports from a single console.

Made in EU

We are EU based company and can guarantee our customers that in our products there is no backdoors or other mechanisms to secretly eavesdrop on them. All Ugunssiena products are designed and coded in-house. We know every line of our code.

Our packet filtering firewall have advanced features, including:

  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Ability to manage multiple firewalls centrally
  • Centralized management ,monitoring and reporting
  • Can be extended through add-on modules or plug-ins
  • Ability to control access via policies and apply different policies to different users
  • Sophisticated authentication mechanisms

Other features:

  • Enterprise level professional firewall based on a 100% royalty free FreeBSD UNIX operating system.
  • Distributed as an Internet download (CD image file) or a CD containing specially tuned and hardened OS installation with accompanying firewall software.  Requires dedicated hardware for best performance.
  • Runs on variety of PC hardware: PC computers, fanless PC miniboards, 19” blades and servers (with hard disk or diskless, e.g. using IDE flash cards).
  • Login over SSH and from console port supported for professionals to access UNIX with root privileges.
  • Software is licensed only per firewall/VPN gateway.  No end-users or IP addresses licenses, no number of protected mail-box licenses or number of protected workstation licenses.  Fully functional 60-day free trial license.
  • Modular architecture – install and manage on the hardware only the software what is needed: firewall, network interfaces, NATs, VLANs, proxies, VPNs, traffic accounting, DHCP server, DNS cache services, antispam filters, virus scanners etc.
  • Mission-critical firewall functionality developed in C to meet high performance needs.
  • Supports multiple administrators with rights to configure/view different f/w or VPN hosts on corporate network.
  • Provides audit log for all configuration changes done by administrators.
  • Firewall security policy (rules) can be established through use of named groups of addresses and protocols.  Any custom groups can be defined.
  • Convenient security policy (rules) configuration interface with moving up/down, disabling/enabling and commenting option for every rule.
  • Firewall status control from WEB interface: disk and memory usage, ARP tables, host initiated pinging and tracerouting, remote shutdown/restart etc.
  • Configuration updates should be confirmed or are automatically rolled back in case of unexpected access problems (prevents mistakes like activating rules what deny access from administrator computer to remote VPN hosts).
  • Deep packet filtering system combined with intrusion blocking system for stopping worms like Nimda, CodeRed, So-Big etc.
  • Filtering other custom defined content in application level protocols such as Web content and blocking respective connections.
  • Traffic accounting and reporting for named address groups and among any IP address pairs.