Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

We care about our customer safety first and we are committed to delivering the world-class cybersecurity products and our professional support services!

Our cybersecurity software tools and appliances are built to protect our customer business with cutting-edge digital counter-defence, monitoring and cybersecurity surveillance methods.

We envision that rock-solid IT security must follow the gold standard principle of multiple layers of protection, with everything integrated into one centralised enterprise-wide management system. Good user interface experience is “king” for our customers and for us, therefore our SSL-protected web GUI is easy to use, secure to manage remotely, intuitive and without compromising critical functionality.

Obviously, the first line of defence is your network perimeter. Everyone knows that there are an uncountable number of threats in the always connected Internet age: hackers, cyber hooligans, rough employees, spying of commercial secrets, bot malware, customer financial and private data phishing etc. Therefore our perimeter defences (firewall, VPN, NAT router) are only the beginning of our products powerful cyber defence capabilities for our customers. Equipped with easy to use securely encrypted interface, simple to learn web GUI and group policies, our perimeter defences deployed in distributed locations, can be safely managed from a single sign-on web GUI, for basic common tasks even by personnel who are not networking experts. Ease of use of our UI for perimeter defences, smart routing, multiple security zones, one-click defence policy application across many devices, all without compromising the security of your corporate network, is one of the most crucial advantages of our security suite. Another advantage is cost-efficiency, where our customer gets a fully integrated firewall and VPN suite to interconnect all offices with secure communications at a fraction of the cost of similar by performance and features products from industry leaders.

Secondly, we make our customer corporate email absolutely secure and reliable. Email is the most critical application in enterprises today, but email is also the main malware entry vector today. We filter all email on our network gateways, removing the need to install and manage antivirus and antispam software on user PCs and other connected devices. For spam filtering, we use advanced Bayesian machine learning methods of Artificial Intelligence, with both ad hoc trainable spam messages detection capability and with automated gradual learning facility. In addition to antispam filtering, multiple antivirus filters and firewall-rules based corporate-wide quarantine email accounts for secure and reliable email management are provided. Combined into one product that works as an email-proxy server and is custom configurable through firewall rules for each account or domain (multiple domains supported), our solution is guaranteeing the highest quality of corporate end-user email experience.

Thirdly, we equip our customers with unbreakable encryption software and teach our customers how to protect corporate information and email from prying eyes using customer own iron-clad PKI encryption, including own Certificate Authority. We enable strong encryption choice to our customers that go far beyond most standard office productivity software with its surveillance-tailored backdoors, telemetry-based spying and often purposefully by nation-states weakened encryption.

Finally, we ultimately provide our customers with a holistic all network traffic recording, long-term storage and real-time security analytics solution, that is as easy to use and as productive for cybersecurity tasks as web search today. Our Network Traffic Security System with its user-friendly search-driven GUI and interactive analytics is so easy to use, that even non-experts can use it to quickly discover malware, spyware, and ransomware, detect unauthorized computer use or track down and eliminate insider threats. NTSS complements our perimeter defences for our customer with a blanket-wide actual network traffic recording across the corporate network, with the capability to store all that data for months or years, and with instant look-back and the actual traffic replay possibility on moment’s notice. NTSS is dramatically inhibiting the activity of cyber criminals and preventing loss of data such as user financial data or credit cards, by content-based alerting, and by holistic recording of the full evidence (all IP traffic) necessary to convict the bad insider employees or track down external criminals who are trying to do harm to our customers.

Our EU made encryption and PKI certificate signature software offers you the same or better protection of your communications confidentiality than military-grade encryption key management, without specific limits on your own key sizes you may choose. We help corporate management to install and use own unbreakable PKI encryption, that works with most PC based office productivity software suites (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.).

Our vision is that our customer suite of cybersecurity products has to deliver all-encompassing complementary layers of protection to our customers, both covering the threats at the network perimeter and inside the corporate network infrastructure.

We are committed to constantly improve existing and bring new capabilities to our cybersecurity product suite following these principles, with everything integrated into one management suite, so that the entire our cybersecurity infrastructure can be reliably managed either by our customer personnel or by us if customer entrusts to us this critical responsibility. We also can train and certify our partners to support our products.

We care about customer satisfaction and that enables us to grow the number of medium and large companies we are already providing managed cybersecurity services.

We strongly believe that the best defence for our customer is always a well-equipped and well-informed security services employees that are vigilant and are using perfectly integrated suite of cyberdefence software tools to automate massive corporate data scanning and monitoring procedures, while being ready to immediately react on cybersecurity incidents to find and sanitize malware sources, and then prosecute criminals with full evidence and the full force of the law. Yet the worldwide shortage of skills of talent in cybersecurity can also be addressed by entrusting this responsibility to professionals like our company. All our products are designed with the optional capability to be securely managed remotely over encrypted channels, with our experienced engineers assisting managers and employees of our customers for any outstanding issues of cybersecurity.

In cybersecurity and in modern digital business, the time is more valuable than money today. Our well-supported and modern cybersecurity solutions enable our customers to deter and stay ahead of cybercriminals. Our customers know that and benefit from our reliable, integrated, full-stack IT security suite that actually delivers on that crucial advantage.

We welcome business owners and corporate managers to join our vision!

Please kindly submit your enquiry about our products (click here) and our representative will contact you to learn your needs and propose the best solution.

Ugunssiena team