Automatic ISP failover for VPN

Automatic ISP failover for VPN

Automatic ISP failover for VPN

A unique feature for setups with more than one internet connection. Works also in configuration with more than one office and ensures failover of ISP as well as VPN providing continuous intranet communications. If VPN failover occurs users observe only the short delay in network communication. In fact, even VoIP communication sessions do not time out.

If there is more than one office using Ugunssiena cybersecurity suite, connections between offices are used to determine if each particular internet connection is alive.

Failover is provided for following:

  • Routing
  • NAT
  • VPN
  • DNS

Use in Single office with two ISP’s

In one office setup most useful is automatic failover of the ISP (Routing and NAT). That allows for users to not to worry about the availability of the internet as long as at least one internet connection is working properly.

For users outside the office, it is possible to use VPN for secure connection to the company’s resources.

DNS failover functionality is useful in case you host your home page at the office. In this case, outside visitors of your home page will experience only the short period when the homepage will be unavailable. As DNS records are automatically changed, availability of home page will resume.

Use at Multiple offices

If your organization has operations in more than one geographic location with Ugunssiena cybersecurity suite you can set up secure intranet by using standard internet connections at the offices. Military grade encryption for VPN and failover functionality will ensure availability and security of all your companies’ intranet resources and communications.

With multiple office setup you can still use all features described in one office scenario plus seamlessly share companies resources all over the organization no matter at which office they are located.

If two internet connections are available for example at two geographically remote offices, VPN connection is set up in a way to automatically use the best possible connection. With two internet connections in two remote sites, there is in total four possible combinations to establish VPN channel. All four possible link combinations are constantly monitored and the best is used to communicate. If link quality deteriorates, automatic VPN failover to the new best link is performed. Naturally, it means that in case if one of internet providers fails the remaining will be automatically used for VPN communication.